Joy 2019

I want take a moment and share what’s been on my heart lately.

We at New Hope are starting our yearly 40 Days Of Focus. It’s a series that we do that leads up to our Easter Sunday service. We take a topic that has come through prayer as the elders of the church pray and seek God for His direction each year. We’ve done subjects such as proclaim, missions, prayer, release, worship and others. This year our focus will be on the topic of joy. There are different aspects of joy in the bible. There is joy in tribulation or trials (which may be the most commonly taught), but this will be on joy in what the Lord has done for us over the years. As we, as a church, look back over the last several years we’ve seen great things that the Lord has accomplished through us in His church. For that we have great joy and we want to celebrate!  He truly has brought us through some difficult times into times of blessings. 

For me though this is a personal challenge. You see, there just hasn’t been a lot of joy in my life over these last 4 ½ years. Don’t get me wrong here. I have a wonderful family that blesses my heart. I have great friends at encourage me and of course my New Hope community has blessed me above and beyond during these years. But inside I know that there is a “joy” hole that needs to be refilled. God in His incredible love and mercy reaches out to me continually. And of course His desire is that I am filled with His joy again. Not just the joy that takes me through trials but the joy that makes my heart thankful and grateful for what He’s done. Believe me, there is so much that He has done for me and continues to do. I’m not talking about a good laugh or some happy moments. I do have those. I’m talking about joy that is a fruit of the Spirit of God.  That resides deep in my spirit and that’s different. That joy can not be manufactured or manipulated. 

Perhaps you may find yourself in this place as well. I can’t believe how many I talk to or interact with that feel the same. Listen, I want what God has to give because I know that it’s good. If you want that as well I encourage you to show up starting this Sunday, March 10th at 10:30 and go on this journey with me. I’m sure we will be blessed as we let God fill our hearts with His joy. 

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