Still Sitting Like He’s Waiting

I often wonder just how long he will sit there. Mr. Frog sits patiently on the shelf in the closet. Alone and often ignored. A reminder of the past. He came into our lives in the early 80’s. I don’t remember the exact date but he’s been here for a long long time. I bought him when I saw him sitting in the store while shopping for a Valentines Day card those many years ago. Somehow he’s been able to avoid the trip to Goodwill or Salvation Army that so many before and after him have made. Somehow he has remained steadfast and maybe even a little faithful. I know Mr. Frog made her smile so perhaps that’s the only answer to his longevity. But anyway, here he is, sitting through another Valentines Day. I see him pretty much every day but today he caught my attention as if to say “hey! I made her smile once”. For that I’m grateful and will keep him around a bit longer. Enjoy your stay Mr. Frog. You remind me of some pretty great times. Oh, and happy Valentines Day.IMG_7292

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