Happy Birthday Week!

IMG_0445A few years ago Linda and I started celebrating our “birthday week” instead of just one day, we would celebrate the whole entire week! It was fun. She would plan a small get a way or a day trip to Half Moon Bay or Lake Tahoe. We would start on Sunday after church. What usually happened was that we would get together with family one day during the week and friends at different times in the week. We would often, just the two of us, go out to a local restaurant and celebrate as well. Over the last couple of years we started going to Zocalo’s here in Mid Town Sacramento. That became Linda’s favorite restaurant. I passed by there a couple of months ago and it was difficult. I can hear her saying, “this is my birthday week” even now. It was just one year ago that we were there to celebrate her 62nd birthday. I would always let them know that it was her birthday (to her embarrassment) and they would bring out a dessert with a sparkler on it. Toward the end of the week she would announce that her birthday week was ending and I would share that mine would be here in July. We would always look forward to our birthday weeks. Happy birthday week babe! I love you.

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