Valentine’s Day


Linda and I were never really much on the whole Valentine’s Day holiday. We really tried to celebrate our love as often as possible. Sure, sometimes we would go out to dinner or exchange cards. I still have the little frog I got for her one year. But mostly we tried to show our love everyday. Linda wasn’t one who liked jewelry either. In fact every time I would buy her something she would usually put it in a drawer! Except the diamond studs I got for her one Valentine’s Day years ago. She wore those pretty much every day but everything else usually went into the drawer. She wasn’t a big chocolate eater either. But she enjoyed the Lindt Chocolate Truffles at Cost Plus. She would buy 3, eat one in the car and throw 2 in her purse for a “surprise” later. Valentine’s Day is here now. The first one I’ve been without her for 47 years. It will come and be gone. Time will continue to move on. Then before I know it, there will be another one. And I will miss her again. Happy Valentine’s Day babe. I love you.

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