Sunday is the hardest


Everyday is hard but it seems that Sunday is the hardest. Linda and I were so intertwined with church, worship, and fellowship that the scripture about one flesh was never more true. I have to get to church early to get ready for the service so we would usually take two cars. After music rehearsal I usually stand out front and greet while others arrive for worship. Linda would pull up and park and we’d walk in together. At 10:30 the worship band would start and within a few minutes I would see her in the front row, (usually with her shoes off) hands raised, eyes closed, head back in total worship. She so loved to worship the Lord and was such an example of someone lost in His presence. After the music I would join her and fill the empty seat beside her. When the service ended she would usually bring me a snack or treat from the fellowship hall as I was always busy talking with and meeting people. She would usually leave for home after about half an hour (or we would join others for lunch). When I  later arrived home she would be here waiting. We may go out for the evening or hit the grocery store for needed items. We would most often sit and talk about what the Lord was doing or how He was moving in the church. Sundays are just so different now.

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