I Surrender Almost All

I Surrender All

We sang that song Sunday and I prefaced it with, “Sometimes it’s very hard for me to sing this song. Maybe it should be titled “I Surrender Almost All”!

I received this Facebook message from a friend after church: “My favorite line of the day…I surrender ALMOST all! I always wonder if I’m the only one feeling like a hypocrite singing I surrender all. Do I really surrender all? No…I often sing..help me surrender all or… Show me where I’m not surrendering all. So glad you said that today : )”

All to Jesus I surrender all to Him I freely give. Just as any other part of our walk with Christ is done in faith I think our singing to Him should be an act of faith as well. Yes, we stand before our God undone. We realize the inadequacies in our lives. No one needs to tell us. The Holy Spirit does a fine job of pointing those issues out. But there is a desire even a hunger to be clean and completely surrendered to the lover of our souls. So we sing the words. We fight the battle yes I do, no I don’t, yes I do……. There’s another line that gets me as well. In the song Jesus Lover of My Soul, we sing “I love You, I need You, though my world my fall I’ll never let You go. My Savior, my closest friend, I will worship You until the very end.” Really? Never let You go? Until the very end? Oh how I want to. Oh how I desire that to be the truth! Here I am standing here singing it to Jesus.

I think my friend had a great perspective here. Help me to surrender. Show me where I’m not surrendering.

Stepping out in faith and growing through the songs we sing. Hearing what we’re singing. Letting God fill us and challenge us to be people of faith even in our corporate worship.

How about the line, “Let me feel the Holy Spirit truly know that Thou art mine”. Do we really desire that as well?

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